Why the screan works

The “DeepFake Screen” is a revolutionary tool designed to combat the pervasive issue of deceptive deepfakes in our digital world. At its core, the screen operates by distorting the image around it. Instead of presenting visuals in a straightforward manner, it introduces subtle alterations to the surrounding imagery. These alterations are structured in a way that makes it incredibly challenging for deepfake algorithms to mimic or decode. This means that any attempt to create a deepfake of the content displayed on the screen will be inherently flawed, rendering the imitation easily detectable. 


The genius behind this technology lies in its proactive approach. Instead of trying to detect deepfakes, it preemptively thwarts their creation. In essence, by modifying the environment of the content, the DeepFake Screen ensures that the truth is shielded and authentic visuals remain uncompromised, all while offering viewers a seemingly unchanged viewing experience. In a digital age where seeing is no longer believing, this screen reestablishes trust in what we witness on our displays.